Brazil Discovers Temporary Coronavirus Vaccine as Victims Increase Daily …2000 Quarantined

Yinka Olaiya, Editor-at-Large, Sao Paulo/

Brazil’s health ministry has suggested the yellow fever vaccine as a minimum defence against the Coronavírus pandemic amid increasing victims in the Latin American country

According to the federal health ministry, Brazil has confirmed over 200 COVID-19 victims, including senators, government officials, footballers and celebrities.

NewsmakersNG learnt that it was concluded after researches that the COVID-19 virus easily hits those without the updated normal yellow fever vaccines. The government, health secretaries of the federation say that every citizen and migrants in the country should update their yellow fever vaccine freely in any of the health centres in the area.

The country having paralyzed almost all activities, including football matches, is undergoing a serious COVID-19 pandemic. It has recorded over 2000 suspects and the situation is getting out of control that even the president of the country protects himself wearing a mask in the office.

President Jair Bolsonaro has suggested that everybody not having important reasons to be outside should stay indoors while the country continues to search for the adequate vaccine to overcome the pandemic attack.


Informations from NewsMakers website.

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