Egypt to Become Home to the Tallest Tower in Africa

Last summer, Forbes reported that Egypt is planning to break the record for the highest tower in Africa. The Nile Tower, as it was dubbed, originally designed by the late Zaha Hadid over 10 years ago, was set to be located in central Cairo along the banks of the Nile, piercing higher into the sky than any other building in the whole of Africa; construction is yet to begin.

Recently, however, news of a new upcoming development has superseded this stalled project. You see, the location of the tallest tower in Africa has now shifted to the New Administrative Capital, which makes more sense considering the shift in focus that the government is seeking to achieve.

According to El-Youm 7, Mostafa Madbouly, Prime Minister of Egypt, has announced that the New Administrative Capital will be home to the tallest tower in Africa, stretching 390 metres in to the sky. He added that a Chinese company, considered one of the largest contractors in the world, is set to take over the project to achieve a building unprecedented in Egypt.

Madbouly assured that the project will commence within the coming days, starting with setting the concrete bases of the tower, which is to be achieved through 80 hours of non-stop work, which is an unprecedented record. This tower will be yet another attraction within the New Administrative Capital, seeking to build a new centre of focus outside of the crowded city of Cairo. We’ve recently posted about the Al-Fattah Al-Aleem Mosque, and its simultaneous opening with The Nativity of Christ Cathedral, considered to be the largest cathedral in the Middle East.

There seems to be no concrete confirmation regarding the progress of The Nile Tower in central Cairo, or its fate with the near commencement of the New Administrative Capital’s tower. It seems that perhaps The Nile Tower will face yet another change of plans. In all cases, be it in central Cairo or the New Administrative Capital, it’s looking like a solid goal for Egypt to become home to the tallest tower in Africa.


Informations form Cairo 360.

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