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Open to visitors, Cairo’s Sultan Hassan Mosque is one of the world’s largest. PHOTOGRAPH BY RAINER HACKENBERG, VISUM/REDUX

Cairo, Egypt

WHY GO NOW: Dig into Tut’s treasure trove

Egyptians will be walking tall at the opening of the 5.2-million-square-foot Grand Egyptian Museum in early 2019. Located on the Giza Plateau, it cost more than a billion dollars to build and is billed as the world’s largest museum devoted to a single civilization. Tops among the 50,000 ancient objects slated to be displayed is the first ever exhibit of all 5,000-plus artifacts of the boy king Tutankhamun. See such treasures as King Tut’s six chariots and 3,000-year-old funerary bed, and, through the museum’s glass facade, monumental views of the pyramids and Sphinx. The past is present elsewhere in the Egyptian capital, particularly in the 10th-century Historic Cairo UNESCO World Heritage site, which conserves one of the world’s oldest Islamic cities.

HOW TO GO: Heritage Tours offers custom trips that give a glimpse inside the Grand Egyptian restoration labs and explore the Giza Plateau with an archaeologist.

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