About Us

The Commercial Office of the Egyptian Embassy in Brazil is the trade and investment portal between Egypt, Brazil and Mercosul.
Its main tasks are:

  • Promoting Egyptian exports in the Brazilian market.
  • Attracting Brazilian investments to Egypt.
  • Promoting Participation in Egyptian and Brazilian major trade shows.
  • Negotiating agreements between Egypt, Brazil and Mercosul
  • Promoting exchange of visits and delegations official and private sector between Egypt, Brazil and Mercosul
  • Assisting in resolving commercial disputes between companies
  • Organizing and participating in commercial events to promote trade and investment relations between the two sides.


The Egyptian Commercial office in São Paulo offers the following services to companies:

  • Provide them with necessary information about the Brazilian market in various products.
  • Provide companies with the export guide to the Brazilian market.
  • Provide companies with lists of Brazilian importers of different products.
  • Assist Egyptian and Brazilian companies in Participation in trade shows held in the two countries.
  • Assist visiting companies in preparing a full schedule including business meetings, technical visits
  • And attending commercial events (in case there are any held during the visit).
  • Assist companies in resolving commercial disputes in a friendly way or through legal means.
  • Follow up on the visits of Egyptian companies with Egyptian and Brazilian parties.
  • Provide companies with export opportunities in the Brazilian and Mercosul markets.
  • Assist visiting companies in logistic issues (getting discounted hotel rates/ arranging transportation/ translators) as well as assisting in business meetings for these companies.
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