Cairo Has Been Named The World’s Most Budget-Friendly Tourist City!

Egypt has always been one of the best tourist destinations in the world. Now, according to a list made by British newspaper Express, Egypt’s capital, Cairo, is the world’s most budget-friendly tourist city.

Express newspaper reported that travel-booking website ”” reported the top three cheapest cities to visit in 2019. The list had Cairo as the number one cheap destination, followed by Mexico City, and Turkey’s Antalya.

The report, however, does not just include travel fees. It takes into consideration meal prices, housing cost, as well as transportation charges.

Moreover, the report stated that one day in Egypt can be enjoyed for a total of as little as £42.38. This includes the cost of a full-day tour which is £11.30 and the average transfer price which is £ 4.19.

Thus, tourists will be able to explore the wonder in the city while enjoying Egypt’s mild climate. Whether it’s visiting Giza pyramids, take a stroll down Khan al-Khalili. Or even travel back in Egypt’s 7000-thousand year history in the Egyptian Museum. All of that with a very limited budget.

This is not the only good piece of news about our thriving tourism. Meanwhile, according to Egypt Independent, after 5 years of suspending any flights to Cairo International Airport, Romanian airlines will be operating flights again to and from Egypt starting April 2019.

Finally, it is safe to say that 2019 will be a very fruitful year on Egypt’s tourism.

Seeing how Egypt is well on its way to earning its rightful status as a world-class tourist destination, we think it is only a matter of time before it is one of the world’s best destinations not just cheapest.


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