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The temple of Amada, dedicated to the gods Amun and Ra-Horakhty, is one of the most important temples in Nubia. It dates back to 18th Dynasty, when the core of the temple was built by Kings Thutmose III (c.1479–1425 BC) and Amenhotep II (c.1427–1400 BC), and King Thutmose IV (c.1400–1390 BC) built the hypostyle hall in front of it. The images of the god Amun on the walls of the temple were destroyed subsequently, during the reign of Akhenaten (c.1352–1336 BC). Some additions were made by several kings of the 19th Dynasty, especially Sety I (c.1294–1279 BC) and his son Ramesses II (c.1279–1213 BC), who also undertook restoration work. The latter’s son, Merenptah (c.1213–1203 BC) carved a text here, in which he boasts of his victory over an attack on Egypt. Another important historical text in this temple is by Amenhotep II, in which he records his victory over enemies in Syria. The temple of Amada was rescued in the 1960s from the rising waters of the Nile by being moved by UNESCO to its current location, 2.6 kilometers away from its original site.
This virtual Tour is made in cooperation with the Ministry of Tourism & Antiquities and Virtual Mid East.

Amada Temple

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